Salcombe Harbour Hotel wedding of Ruth and Howard. 


Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to Ruth and Howard in all their glory! This amazing Salcombe wedding happened last September and gathered tens of beautiful people from all over the country and abroad.

Needless to say that everything was just perfect. I was totally amazed by the location (guys, I found no single Tesco, off-license shop, bookies or other landscape breakers in the whole town; just very many beautiful faces, restaurants, boutique shops and lots of boats!!!)


I arrived one hour before the scheduled time, went to suss out the venue (the breath-taking Salcombe Harbour Hotel with a most stunning view of the harbour. You must go and visit them!!). It turned out that one hour was way too early as I planned two hours for the preparation in any event. So, I went for a walk to find a location for our bride and groom shots later in the day. Instead, I found this beautiful cafe serving the most amazing food I could have wished for. A photographer needs to be fed properly for a 15 hour shift right? He He. After filling my stomach with a full English breakfast, I started taking pictures of the harbour to commence the beautiful story of the day. The place was buzzing already and it was only 9 am. Time to shoot back to the hotel and meet my beautiful bride and groom. 

It was all relaxed and quiet in the hotel. No nerves, everything organized very well and finishing touches already done. Howard was having his breakfast and making up a few last few quiz notes for the contest to take place during the speeches. It was just one of the entertainment ideas prepared for the guests and it was wonderful fun. 

I went to see the bride and girls who just were having their make-up done by the very talented Laura Le Page from Devon (go and check her website it’s amazing!!). I started taking photos of details, allowing for bridal party to apply the finishing touches to their outfits/make-up. It was lovely and quiet, the bride and her bridesmaids were enjoying their breakfast and glass of Prosecco.  After all, there was nothing to stress about as the very organized bride had timed everything precisely. 

The ceremony 

It was a very beautiful entry and very …hmm… to say it… very emotional. You would have thought Ruth would’ve lost it or Howard going teary but not even slightly. The bride led by her father and Howard somehow managed to keep their serenity but their delightful little daughter Imogen, being only about 1 year old cried wailed for her dad. Being a daddy’s girl on your parent’s wedding day can be a daunting task! All eyes diverted to the couple; the “holiness” of the ceremony unfortunately passing Imogen by. Little girls obviously don’t understand at the time but I am sure many years from now she will be laughing at this moment, unfortunately, captured on camera for posterity! 

The ceremony concluded with nanny helping out and a shower of confetti raining down upon ecstatic the couple whilst all the guests moved on to the reception for drinks and canapes. 


I loved the idea of having the quiz during the speeches. It was happening between the wedding breakfast courses and I have to say it broke the day perfectly. It provided lots of laughter and entertained the guests whilst they were having their food. The remainder of the evening was one massive party with most guests hitting the dance floor and the bar with enthusiasm. We finished off with a sparkler tunnel right in the middle of a hotel terrace with a view to a foreboding pitch black harbour; this meant there was no light pollution and all was quiet in the “deep dark wood”…..well…harbour!

Another incredible wedding, many more amazing memories and one stunning set of images for the couple to cherish for life.

Enjoy the story. x


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vie to the harbour in salcombe harbour hotel wedding

view of the hotel venue in Salcombe harbour hotel wedding

Salcombe Harbour Hotel interior wedding of Howard and Ruth

Salcombe Harbour Hotel with the blue sky at a wedding go Hoeard + Ruth

bridesmaids is doing her make up for salcombe harbour hotel wedding

bride having her make up done in salcombe harbour hotel wedding

Salcombe Harbour Hotel view form the balcony onto the harbour

bride having her make up done for the salcombe harbour hotel wedding

bride is putting her dress on in salcombe harbour hotel wedding

bride and her dad entering the room in salcombve harbour hotel wedding

bride and groom standing at Salcombe Harbour Hotel and having confetti thrown upon them

a little boy hiding in the chair in Salcombe hotel terrace wedding

view of the wedding room in salcombe harbour hotel wedding

guests playing hide and seek in salcombe harbour hotel wedding

bride and groom standing and hugging in Salcombe harbour hotel wedding

bride and groom walking down at a promenade in salcombe hotel wedding

bride and groom standing close to each other and hugging in salcombe harbour hotel wedding

guests dancing crazy at salcombe harbour hotel wedding

bride and groom standing and holding sparkles in salcombe harbour hotel wedding